Virtual Consultation

I will always discuss budget prior to treatment and will be open and honest about how to achieve the best results according to your budget too.

Dr. Louise Bye

‘Many thanks for all of the useful information you have given me regarding skin care and looking after my health. I hope that things continue to go really well for you.’

M.H July 2020

See how I can help you.

Following booking a virtual consultation you will be sent an email link to a 30 minute virtual Zoom consultation. Please use this link to log in at your chosen time. During your consultation I will go through all of your concerns, goals and your past aesthetic and medical history.

Following this I will create a personalised treatment plan which fits your budget. Depending on your concerns this may include medical grade skin care delivered to your door and/or in clinic treatments.

Payment is taken on booking via the website or over the phone via my secretary Ceris Emmett on 01483 446857.

If you would rather have a consultation in person please email or call my secretary Ceris Emmett on 01483 446857 to arrange.

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